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The Morning After Game of Thrones: Social Media "Etiquette"

The Night is Dark and Full of Spoilers
It's come, it's been awesome and it's left us once again. Game of Thrones has finished off its sixth season, leaving fanboys and fangirls everywhere in a post-coital-like bliss until the dread of the wait for season 7 sets into their very souls. However, whilst the week-by-week waiting period between episodes bubbled with excitement and suspense in years past, something has also been disturbingly more present these last ten weeks. On your Facebook newsfeed, the dismay of coming across your friend's thirty-ninth baby photo in five days or even another rant about the EU Referendum result (We get it. You're sad. Stop.) has been accompanied by something darker and evil than all of the White Walkers, Joffrey’s and Ramsay Boltons combined: Game of Thrones spoilers.

If you aren’t lucky enough to be in a job where you can afford time to watch the early 2am broadcast or even able to watch it Monday night because, well…. life, checking so…